About Us

We are a company that operates within the estate of Los Angeles California that is looking for a better opportunity for Mexican producers and their products, especially for Hass avocado and Persian lime.

We identify opportunities and strategies of comercialization that allows us to reach maximum efficiency of delivery, and competitiveness and quality of presentation of our products.

We are a team of professionals, as much in agriculture as in international commercialization, looking for the manner in which to offer the best service to our clients.

This allows us the ability to offer the best service to our clients, in national sales and in exportation.

We have agreements with transportation and customs agencies which allow us to insure that the logistics of transportation and exportation fall within a time scale compliant with the product and the wishes of the client.

Our mission is to be the leader in the commercialization of diverse agricultural products of high quality in both the national and international markets. We strive to reach a relationship confidence between our providers and clients which positions us as a solid and responsible business in distinct segments of the market

In order to reach these objectives we rely on professionals qualified in the area of international commercialization, information systems, harvest contracts, and strategic alliances with customs and transport agencies. All of which allows us to assure that the product arrives “just in time”.

We are a Business characterized by our dedication and ethics in our service, focused on achieving complete satisfaction among our clients. In addition we are a business ready to contribute to agricultural development not only in the region and but in all of Mexico.