Hass Avocado

The avocado is an exotic fruit with light colored flesh of green and bellow tones. It has an exquisitely smooth flavor and combines easily with many dishes. In many cases it is consumed fresh as in salads, or in purées such as “guacamole”.

The avocado provides a perfect accompaniment to both red and white meats and to all types of salads. It is an essential part of snacks, hors d'oeuvre, main dishes and desserts.

In Tijuana's Produce we put much care in maintaining high requirements of quality and food safety, in order to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients. For this reason we have strict regulations in the selection, processing and packaging of the avocado including orchard maintenance, harvest, packing facilities and transportation, which follow the regulations set forth by the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development (SAGARPA) and the Mexican official norm NOM-066-FITO-1995.

It has been widely accepted that the avocado originated in Mexico. The etymology of its name comes from the Nahuatl (pre-Hispanic group indigenous to Mexico) word, ahuacatl. During the Spanish conquest, the Spanish found that the avocado was one of the most preferred fruits of the indigenous people. They not only used it as a food source but also as a medicinal for its curative properties.

Fresh Avocado
In Tijuana's Produce we put special well-taken care of in maintaining the highest norms of quality and security in the nourishing inocuidad, to satisfy and to surpass the expectations of our clients. Thus, the taken care of process of of the orchards, harvests, transport, facilities and the machinery, for the selection and packing of the avocado, strictly fulfills the requirements marked by the Secretariat of Agriculture, Cattle ranch and Desarrollo Rural (SAGARPA) and Official Norm Mexican NOM-066-FITO-1995.

1, Preselection of fruit before harvest.

2, The use of special harvesting equipment that selects the avocados for harvest one by one, avoiding damage caused by the machinery and from falling onto the ground.

3. Avocados are cleaned to give a natural shine and brilliance.

4, Selection and determination of exact caliber of each avocado by highly trained individuals and computerized equipment.

5. Avocados are packed by caliber and into the specific packaging required by the county of destination.

6. Avocados are kept in cold storage at a temperature of 5ºC for a period of 24 hours prior to shipping.

7. Temperature at which the avocados are kept are constantly monitored in order to maintain the fruit in perfect condition.

Nutrimental values
The avocado is considered to be the “butter of God”, a fuite rich in oils, fibers, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, which is shown in the following table:

Source: Alvarez de la Peña, 1979.

The avocado has significant quantities of vitamins such as A, B….and part of the B complex which makes the fruit 100% nutritive.

Benefits of the avocado in the human health
The avocado is free of harmful cholesterol and sodium. It is low in saturated fats, with only 5 grams per portion which is acceptable for any low fat diet.

It is important to mention that the majority of the fats found in the avocado are monosaturated. Monosaturated fats are beneficial in protecting the body against cardiovascular diseases as well as prevention of some types of cancer.

The avocado has the ability to eliminate harmful cholesterol and reduces the risks of atherosclerosis. Benefits have also been seen in asthma patients and patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

The fruit, its leaves and seed have medicinal properties in the area of eliminating microbes and parasites, to combat dysentery for some digestive upsets. Its leaves can also be used as an expectorant. Also, it is said that the proteins found in the avocado along with its vitamins and minerals have aphrodisiac properties.

The avocado can be consumed in a number of salads, soups, main dishes, desserts and drinks. The fruit is also used in the cosmetic and beauty industry in the form of oils, perfumes, soaps, lotions and shampoos.