Pomelo, also is known like grapefruit or pamplemusa. They have the particularitity of which its pulp this formed by numerous vesicles full of juice.

The origin of the Grapefruit is not known with exactitude, although numerous investigations indicate that pummelo is a natural crossing between naranjo sweet and (a different species) produced in Barbados, in the Western Indians. From there, its culture by all Caribbean, and later to the United States and Mexico extended, where its large-scale production is begun.

The water is the main component of this citrus, reason why the
grapefruit has a little caloric value, to expenses basically of carbon hydrates. As far as vitamins, it emphasizes by his wealth in vitamin C and acid fólico. The content in carotenoid, pigments that confer to vegetables the orange-reddish color, is not significant safe in the varieties of pulp of dark color, independently of the color of the skin. With respect to the mineral content, they emphasize potassium and magnesium. The acids abound in pomelo málico, oxalic, tartárico and citric, this one last power the action of vitamin C people in charge of their flavor and on which diverse properties depend that are attributed pomelo. The amount of fiber is not representative and this one mainly is in the white part between the pulp and the crust, reason why its consumption favors the intestinal transit.

Vitamin C takes part in the formation of colágeno, red bones and teeth, globules and favors the absorption of the iron of foods and the resistance to the infections. The beta or provitamin carotene is transformed into vitamin To in our organism as this one needs it. This vitamin is essential for the vision, the good state of the skin, the hair, the mucous, the bones and for the good operation of the immunological system. Both vitamins, act in addition a as antirust. The fólico acid takes part in the red and white globule production, in the genetic material synthesis and the formation antibodies of the immunological system. The potassium is a necessary mineral for the transmission and generation of the nervous impulse and for the normal muscular activity, takes part inside in the balance of water and outside the cell.