The orange is the fruit of naranjo (Citrus sinensis), and is one of the more common citric fruits. It grows in warm places and it is distributed everywhere. The oranges have an orange color (in fact the color is called thus by this fruit). The orange tastes bittersweet, and it pelar and usually it eats, or zumo.La is expressed to obtain his fruit has its origin in India (some say that in Vietnam) and in sánscrito nâranga was called (probably of dravídico origin, nonAryan in tamil naru means ' fraganté). Of India it happened to Arabia, where naranj was called soon and to the south of France, where in Provençal old naurange was called (pronounced noránsh).

English and soon French norange one became orange. Because the English article a (or an in front of vowel) and the French unites that they appear in "a norange" and "it unites norange" passed of erroneous way to "an orange" and "respectivamente.Este effect unites orange" also
took place in other words that began by "n". Nevertheless, in Spanish the form has been conserved naranja.No all the languages use this word to designate the fruit: for example, the Dutch flame sinaasappel ("Chinese apple") to the fruit and oranje to the color.