The peach or peach tree (persica Prunus) is the name of the tree and the fruit that produces, which contains an only and great seed locked up in a hard rind. This fruit, of aterciopelada skin, has a yellow or off-white meat, of sweet flavor that dismisses a delicate aroma.

The peaches, along with the cherries, plums and apricots are bone fruits (drupas). This species is divided in varieties whose meat separates easily of the bone and in which they adhere firmly to him, like the called variety pavía. The varieties of white meat are typically very sweet, with little acid taste and most popular of countries like Asian China, Japan and its neighbors, whereas those of yellow meat favorite of the European and North American countries, they have an acid bottom, that is tasted next to the dulzor. The skin of both varieties has reddish tones.