This fruit also is known with the name of tomato tree (by its similarity with the tomato), French tomato or cifomandra.

Its majority component is the water. It is a fruit of moderate caloric value, to expenses of his carbon hydrate contribution. It emphasizes his provitamin content To and C, of atioxidante action, and in smaller proportion contains other vitamins of group B, like the B6 or piridoxina, necessary for the good operation of the nervous system. Its fiber content (soluble, pectina) is high improvement the intestinal transit. Vitamin C takes part in the formation of colágeno, red bones and teeth, globules and favors the absorption of the iron of foods and the resistance to the infections.

The beta or provitamin carotene is transformed into vitamin To in our organism as this one needs it. The vitamin To is essential for the vision, the good state of the skin, the hair, the mucous, the bones and for the good operation of the immunological system. Both vitamins, act in addition a as antirust.